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The New York Times

Pâté en Croûte Worthy of a Celebration

"You might think these gorgeous spreads are from Paris..."

San francisco magazine

11 Best Bakeries in San Francisco


Maison Nico Opens with Packed Paté and Layered Brioche

"This is the latest iteration of Nico, the French spot in historic Jackson Square which previously held one shining Michelin star."


Maison Nico’s exquisite French pastries and pâtés are the stuff of takeout dreams

"With an array of creamy flans, flaky brioche, toothsome pâtés en croûte, and jarred terrines taunting us to take boxes of them away..."


100 best things to eat in San Francisco


The Great Aspic Renaissance

"Are We Ready for an Aspic Comeback? Meat jelly is having a moment."